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The adventures of Jibi and Ashpee - Online comic strip - Jibi and Ashpee's arrival at the airportIt all started with a desire! A desire to tell, to share stories. Why not try to create a comic strip for the widest audience possible? That was in late 2009.

Followed the slow maturation of a project whose broad outline as well as the substance were almost completely unknown to me. Whether looking for the story line, preparing the synopsis, the birth of the characters or the choosing of a "style", the idea took a while to sprout...

Initiated in 2011, it truly came into existence on 8 March 2012 with the posting of the first strips of The adventures of Jibi and Ashpee. It finally became real!

Entered its productive phase, the project was to design and publish online the comic strips of The adventures of Jibi and Ashpee. After a number of adventures, 19 April 2014 saw the last pages of the album published online.

Today, for less than 3 euros you can get here the first comic strip album of The adventures of Jibi and Ashpee in digital format.

The birth of the characters of Jibi and Ashpee

JibiJibi et AshpeeJibi who didn't bear a name back then took shape slowly. At first, he looked too much like a very famous reporter (slightly more elongated though).

Little by little, the opportunities offered by the interaction of a tandem seemed a promising lead.

Thus Jibi took shape with his friend to be Ashpee. The latter is endowed with a beard and lost his little round glasses in the process!

What would The adventures of Jibi and Ashpee be without you!

I would like to thank especially those who have shown an interest in the project and those who talked about The adventures of Jibi and Ashpee to their family and friends.

This painstaking work being lonely, your comments, encouragements even, are very much appreciated : Send a message to Vandange

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